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Santa Barbara Bay Pressroom

Jun 26 2009 Published by under design,work

Santa Barbara Bay Card (Front)

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Our client Future Foods is promoting their Santa Barbara Bay® brand of Greek yogurt dips this week at a New York tradeshow.

The PR team came to me at the last minute asking if I could put together a sort of online pressroom for the brand, including recipes and product info, along with a promotional card to be handed out at the show.

Of course, this was an opportunity to add a little creativity to the typically bland world of B2B PR. Since losing Armorsmith, creative jobs for me have been few and far between. I’m often given the task of updating copy on client websites or designing lackluster e-mail blasts, which of course is due to Microsoft Outlook’s severe limitations. When I do get to work on a new client website, I’m usually just given the task of building out an already-designed mockup and launching the final product.

Santa Barbara Bay’s “minisite” may not be the most creative or beautiful thing ever, but it is something I can say I created from the ground up. And the team was pleased.

The promo card was also my first solo print job for a client, and I think it came out pretty well.

Here’s a link to the pressroom:

View the flickr set here: Santa Barbara Bay Pressroom Set on Flickr

All copyrights apply. Santa Barbara Bay is a registered trademark of Future Foods.

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New Home Base: Dallas, TX

Mar 05 2009 Published by under work

Just wanted to let you know that I’m now living and working in Dallas. I work as a graphic/web designer for the PR firm Michael Burns & Associates. I moved to the Metroplex January 1, and it’s a really great time in my life. I live with the love of my life, we’ve got a beautiful house, our pets, and for once — financial security! That’s not an easy thing to come by during this recession.

I hope to get some new design work up soon, and I’d like to start sharing some great things I come across. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on twitter (username: quartermane) or look me up on Facebook.

Oh, and feel free to watch the little video tour of my very own office!

My Own Office
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Prints for Sale! (San Antonio’s First Friday)

Nov 06 2008 Published by under art,Illustration,work

Rhino Lino: Artist Proof

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Brad’s been planning to sell his t-shirts ( at the First Friday artwalk in San Antonio for a while now. After getting the proper licensing and paperwork done, he’ll finally be able to set up shop tomorrow.

But since his license includes the sale of artwork as well, I decided to add a few of my own pieces to the pile. I am going to sell copies of “Kelpie” and “Songbirds” — a collage-style reduction print that my friend Kyra and I collaborated on, and the latest print “Rhino Lino” (that’s a working title).

Rhino Lino is a linoleum-carved relief print, done in the style of woodcuts. The basis of this piece is the famous rhinoceros woodcut by Albrecht Durer with some added elements of water flowing from its horn and jaw. I’ve played with the line quality to achieve a blend of lights and darks. I really enjoyed making it, even if it doesn’t achieve the amount of dimensionality I’d hoped for. It’s my first woodcut, and I hope to improve on these over time.

The price on each piece of this limited edition of 8 is $20.
Songbirds will be $40.
Kelpie will be $25.

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