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Don Kenn’s Monsters

Dec 19 2010 Published by under art,Illustration

Don Kenn Gallery

A friend just turned me onto Don Kenn Gallery, a blog featuring the monster doodles of Danish children’s television writer/director John Kenn Mortenson. The imagery is a bit macabre, but has an innocence that adds a bit of fantasy. I like it. I especially like that these are all done on Post-It notes, my own canvas of choice.

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Hello, Holidays

Dec 16 2010 Published by under life,present

Happy Holidays!

Well, I’ve had a few posts started, but haven’t mustered the energy to finish them. So I’ll just gloss over the past few weeks… Thanksgiving in the Valley was wonderful, came back with a swollen face due to an abscessed tooth. Had the root canal this past Monday and also saw the doctor about removing this cyst on my upper leg, which turns out is a larger (though not life-threatening) problem, which will be taken care of early next year. Work has been alright; I’m just ready for this year to be done with.

One of the great things about the past few weeks is that Brad and I have, once again, been able to hang out with our friends. Kat is one of my good friends that I met during my semester in Italy. She and her boyfriend Ryan live in Dallas, and we’ve finally been able to get our schedules in sync. Our mutual friend Kelly is in Dallas until the end of the year, and it’s been amazing to just hang out like we did back in Italy.

As a holiday gift, Kat bought us the paper wreath kit. The outcome is pictured above. We had a great evening of crafting and chatting, and even though it took a couple of “do-overs,” it came out beautiful. Monday, Brad and I put up the Christmas Tree, made some cookies, and yesterday we got all of our gift shopping done.

The holidays are here, and I’m ready to put all the dentist and doctor stuff aside, and just concentrate on what matters… family, friends, peace and love.

Christmas Decor 2010 - 1

Christmas Decor 2010 - 6

Christmas Decor 2010 - 3

Christmas Decor 2010 - 2

Christmas Decor 2010 - 8

Christmas Decor 2010 - 9

Christmas Decor 2010 - 10

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