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Lily … A Retrospective

Oct 31 2010 Published by under life,photography,present

Baby Lily

Lily's Reflection

Teenaged Lily

Lily as the Madonna

Lily - Contemplation

Halloween 2010 - Happy birthday, Lily!

Today is my cat Lily’s 8th birthday. She was born a few weeks before Halloween, but that’s the day I brought her home. She’s definitely a handful at times, but I love her… despite the bites, scratches, blood and scars.

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Tin Men / Exquisite French Robots

Oct 31 2010 Published by under entertainment,family,life,present

Halloween 2010 - Costumes 1

Halloween 2010 - Costumes 2

Halloween 2010 - Costumes 3

After spending the afternoon shopping for fall clothes (I love Zara!), Brad and I made ourselves up for a night out at the Cedar Springs / Oak Lawn Block Party in Dallas. We live only two blocks away from the event, but that didn’t make our evening any less stressful. We got home just as everyone had descended upon our neighborhood, and our un-policed apartment parking lot was full. Luckily, after alerting our landlord, I was able to squeeze my car into a legal spot behind the complex.

Since Brad had been feeling ill and we had things to do, we had to throw together some sort of costumes at the very last minute. We didn’t arrive at the block party until 11:30, but there was still lots to see. We had a good time overall — even if our costumes weren’t as top notch as last year’s.

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Goodbye, Columbus

Oct 29 2010 Published by under family,life,photography,present


Brad has created a brand new tumblr blog which documents his daily life… and many of his meals. Shown above: the meal I cooked this evening — fideo with ground turkey and black beans. If you’re interested, you can find it at

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Oct 28 2010 Published by under family,life

Lilah at the pumpkin patch

My niece Lilah is celebrating her first Halloween, and she is adorable! In the photo above, she is dressed as a witch while visiting a local pumpkin patch. But my sister has also posted her wearing a fairy costume and a Pooh Bear costume. I have no idea which character she’ll be for Halloween, but since Brad and I live more than 500 miles away, we’ll have to be satisified with whatever photos we can grab.

It’s difficult being so far away from family, especially since it means missing the little ones growing up. My other sister just has her third child, Basilia Rose, on the 13th, and I’ve only seen a few fuzzy cell phone pics of her. Zachary, her oldest and Coral are also growing up so fast, and I only get to hear their voices for a few fleeting minutes on the phone.

At least Brad and I will be able to visit for Thanksgiving. I miss the kids so much, and I can’t wait to see them again.

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You might want to…

Oct 28 2010 Published by under present

Follow my blog with bloglovin

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How I’d love to live here!

Oct 27 2010 Published by under future,goals,life,real estate

4308 E Side Avenue, Dallas TX 75226
via trulia

During our adventures in house hunting, Brad and I saw many, many houses. We came across a few gems. We both love older homes with character, like this house in East Dallas built in 1940. It’s got great curb appeal, a large lawn and a lot of space inside (1900 sq. feet!).

This house is currently on the market for $89,740 and in a prime location. It is priced well below market value and marked as a “distressed sale.” I’m sure there’s some unfortunate reason for the low cost, but look at how cute it is!

While we’re not quite ready to re-enter the house-buying game, at least Brad and I know what we like. I’ll try to post the properties that jump out at me, for future reference.

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Pumpkin Carving

Oct 27 2010 Published by under life,photography,present

Halloween 2010 - Pumpkin Carving 2

Halloween 2010 - Pumpkin Carving 6

Halloween 2010 - Pumpkin Carving 8

Brad and I bought a couple of pumpkins at Central Market last weekend, and just got around to carving them. His is on the left, mine is on the right.

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I Gots Harrcut

Oct 17 2010 Published by under present


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I Can Has Harrcut?

Oct 15 2010 Published by under present

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State Fair

Oct 14 2010 Published by under photography,present

2010 State Fair of Texas 14

2010 State Fair of Texas 09

2010 State Fair of Texas 08

Brad, Vicky and I went to the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park this weekend.

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