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Armorsmith — My First Client

Mar 05 2009 Published by under design

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MB&A brought me on board because they were impressed with my portfolio, especially the Wikipedia campaign. They said I had a fresh look at modern design — a good complement to my supervisor whose been doing this for 30 years.

They were having a hard time resonating with their new client, Armorsmith, a manufacturer of combat body armor. The look of the campaign was supposed to be grungy, hard-edged and focused toward a younger demographic. My supervisors believed that I had the ability to mesh well with the needs of this client.

Although my supervisor designed the logo for the company, I was given near-complete control over all the other visual marketing for the company. Below, you’ll see the majority of the marketing materials for the campaign.

While for a time, it looked like the Armorsmith was going to be awarded a contract with the US Marines, problems within the company arose and the brand is now defunct. Please keep in mind that all copyrights still hold.

Included in the campaign: A fully-functioning website, product datasheets, promotional t-shirts, caps & window decals, magazine adverts, and posters.

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New Home Base: Dallas, TX

Mar 05 2009 Published by under work

Just wanted to let you know that I’m now living and working in Dallas. I work as a graphic/web designer for the PR firm Michael Burns & Associates. I moved to the Metroplex January 1, and it’s a really great time in my life. I live with the love of my life, we’ve got a beautiful house, our pets, and for once — financial security! That’s not an easy thing to come by during this recession.

I hope to get some new design work up soon, and I’d like to start sharing some great things I come across. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on twitter (username: quartermane) or look me up on Facebook.

Oh, and feel free to watch the little video tour of my very own office!

My Own Office
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