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The Songstress’ aria

Oct 29 2008 Published by under entertainment,travel

The Songstress’ aria
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This street performer had an eclectic look, and one hell of a voice. I considered that maybe she was lip syncing, but I really didn’t want to think about that and destroy the fantasy. It’s pretty amazing.

This was filmed in Florence, Italy in the courtyard between the two wings of the Uffizi Gallery, in June 2008. I spent a month studying art history and drawing in Florence.

The experience was invaluable to my development as an artist and designer. It helped me to fall in love with classical beauty and broadened my horizons with respect to the rest of the world. It was my first time leaving the continent, and it definitely won’t be my last.

I want to see as much of the world as I can. I’d take authentic Italian gelato over Ben & Jerry’s any day!

View my photos from Italy here:

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‘I [edit] Wikipedia’ Campaign

Oct 29 2008 Published by under design,Illustration

Wikipedia - Art Historian Wikipedia - Cancer Survivor Wikipedia - Veteran

Wikipedia - Gamer Wikipedia - Musician Wikipedia - T-shirt

The “I [edit] Wikipedia” campaign was a school project for Holly Shields art direction 2 class in the Spring of 2008. In this campaign, Jacob Brubaker, Mark Decker and I came up with the concept to show how everyday people can be experts in their fields, thus making them qualified to edit Wikipedia entries.

Because Wiki entries rely entirely on public edits, Wikipedia has long been viewed as inaccurate or prone to abuse. With our campaign, we are showing that most entries have been edited by people well-versed in the that topic.

Happily, this project not only earned our group an A, but it has been selected for the 2008 Art Directors Club of Houston show, and the t-shirt design design was featured at the 2008 international design bienalle EXPERIMENTADESIGN in Amerstam. The entire project has received high praise, especially among the numerous Wikipedia contributors, and even the official Wikimedia Blog.

The campaign consists of two posters, one t-shirt and three print ads.

Art Direction by Jacob Brubaker, Mark Decker and Mike E. Perez
Photography by Mark Decker
Design by Mike E. Perez
Illustration by Mark Decker, Mike E. Perez and Jacob Brubaker
Models: Linsey Metcalf, Darryl Patrick, Nathaniel Arreola, Jacob Brubaker and Tom

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Monsters of the World 1: Kelpie

Oct 28 2008 Published by under Illustration


A kelpie, in Scottish lore, is a water-horse fairy creature who disguises itself as a beautiful wild stallion. When a traveler approaches the beast, it allows the person to ride it. Immediately, it heads for the nearest loch or sea, drowning and devouring the rider. Sometimes the beast rips its prey to shreds. No one knows the true nature of the kelpie, but it is known as a fierce creature.

I chose this subject for my screenprinting assignment, in which we were to create a print of a mythical beast. It coincides with my independent illustration course, where my theme is also mythical beasts. This is my second-ever screen print, and the first of 5 beasts that I will illustrate for independent study.

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Oct 20 2008 Published by under design

Here is the first spread in my portfolio book. I’ve just thrown it together, and it’s in a very rudimentary stage. I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. What can be improved? What is beautiful as-is? If you’d like to view the full image click on the image. My apologies for the image degradation on the illustration, but I’d like feedback on the actual design of the spread.

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Starting Out

Oct 20 2008 Published by under design,Illustration

Well, I’ve decided to start this blog in order to update the world on my professional status as a designer and illustrator. Also, I wanted to start out by posting work that I’ve done so far in order to get some feedback. As I prepare for graduation, I’d like to know how my work can be improved. I appreciate any feedback. I’ll try to post as often as I can, and will gladly take any design advice into consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!

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